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Oxford Airport

This project included a pre fabricated modular building, built within a factory and leaving final finishes to be installed once the building was on site. Final finishes included a 12 metre reception desk and various Seamless Abutment plasterboard detailing. All Seamless Abutment sections were included in order to achieve skirting, architrave and external corner detailing. These sections were preinstalled during initial build as sections were finished to plasterboard through tape and joint method before building was relocated to site. Flush material infill was then inserted in to recessed Seamless Abutment skirting section on site. The flexibility of Seamless Abutment sections ensured that plasterboard details could be dealt with in an economic and efficient fashion, with effecting the sequencing go this modular style build.

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London City Airport

This project presented different issues in the way that the airport environment only allowed short working hours, at unusual times, as we could not conflict with the airports normal opening hours. The project required large GRG elements in order to achieve what was required but the budget did not allow the use of such materials. Instead, Bespoke value engineered a second option as they employed the use of standard drywall and ply. In addition to these standard elements, we adopted the use of various Seamless Abutment sections, which were cost effective, whilst also allowing us to create seamlessly flat interfaces between plasterboard. These enabled us to create the required finish, whilst increases cost and time efficiency.